The walking Dead-MBB Twitter celebration This Sunday Night, March 30!

quite sure that after Z-Day I will ended up being zombie-fied relatively quickly… view OUT, HUMANS! ZOMBIE KAREN IS always STARVED FOR BRAAAAAINS!
The walking Dead season finale is this Sunday night, as well as I’m am so, SO EXCITED! Like, so thrilled that I may just batten down the hatches at house that entire day to ensure that nothing short of the actual zombie apocalypse might potentially cause me to miss the show.

Season 4 has been OFF THE FRICKIN’ HOOK, as well as I’m quite sure the final episode will leave me with some mental scarring that will indubitably need substantial makeup therapy.


I was believing (uh, oh!), we must do a Twitter celebration during the finale! I’ll be on Twitter when the show airs this Sunday night, March 30, at 6:00 p.m. Pacific (so I believe it airs at 9 p.m. east Coast) live-tweeting as events unfold…

What’s the offer with Terminus?
What happened to Beth?
Why doesn’t Daryl like me anymore??

Perhaps we’ll get answers to these questions as well as more…


같이 해! just include hashtag #zombiebeautylove in your tweets.

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