The MAC Maleficent Collection Conjures Crimson Kisses as well as Chiseled Cheeks

The new MAC Maleficent Collection, coming may 8 to as well as choose North American MAC stores as well as Macy’s stores may 15
Sorcery is a brutal business. between the handsome princes hell bent on thwarting your dastardly plans as well as the problem in procuring eye of newt as well as other necessary ingredients, there’s the whole time-consuming nature of conjuring as well as the plotting of evil deeds.

A successful villainess doesn’t even have time to touch up her lips these days, what with all the demand for demon summonings as well as whatnot.


Can you envision the mighty Maleficent, star of Disney’s upcoming motion picture as well as MAC’s most current collaboration, pausing in the middle of a curse to get hold of a lip clean to reapply her red lipstick?

제발. It makes best sense that MAC, in working with the dark sorceress herself, would populate the new MAC Maleficent collection with lip products that last a supernaturally long time.

I’m no sorceress, undoubtedly (well, not yet, however who understands what the future holds!?), however I’ve been using the true Love’s Kiss Lipstick, Anthurium pro Longwear Lipglass as well as Kiss Me quick Lip Pencil from the release this week, as well as all of them last a solid 6-7 hours — a lot more than sufficient time to cast a fireball spell, cook a huge batch of witch’s brew and/or frighten some regional villagers.


고양이 & 메이크업 스웨트 셔츠 ??

$ 42.

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The MAC Maleficent Collection
Of the 14-pieces in the release, lots of of which are re-promotes from the MAC long-term line, the lip products conjure up some seriously sensational red lip magic for me. overall musts for crimson lip lovers.

Lipstick in true Love’s Kiss, pro Longwear Lipglass in Anthurium as well as pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Kiss Me Quick
In Disney’s Maleficent, which comes out this summer, Angelina Jolie plays the allegedly devilish Disney sorceress of Sleeping appeal fame, who may or may not have been the villainess she was when depicted to be. The film chronicles Maleficent’s “true” increase to power.

Yes, MAC absolutely has a thing for the poor gals (remember Venomous Villains?).

The Maleficent collection has a vastly different color story than the Maleficent part of Venomous Villains did. Where VV’s cool-toned purples, blues as well as eco-friendlies drew upon Maleficent’s skin as well as wardrobe from Disney’s original Sleeping Beauty, the new collection evokes Maleficent’s evil elegance, with strong neutrals for eyes as well as cheeks and, of course, that intense red lip.

In the Maleficent motion picture posters I’ve seen, Angie has a whole scary/cool thing going on — incredibly contoured cheeks, strong red lips, striking eyes in neutral tones. No eco-friendly skin like the original Disney character, however a lot more of a chilling gray…

She type of appears like a witchy version of one of Robert Palmer’s Addicted to like video women from the ’80s, which I believe is quite damn fabulous!

Sculpting Powder in Sculpt to contour as well as appeal Powder in natural to highlight
With the exception of the grayish skin (really, though, would ya want that, anyways?), the look might be recreated with the 14 products in the MAC Maleficent collection — if you desired to, that is.

But here’s the kicker that will most likely peeve a lot more than a few MAC fans: a lot of of the pieces are re-promotes with restricted edition packaging, as well as MAC does fee a bit bit a lot more for them.

Yes, you’re mainly paying for the packaging here, unless you don’t have a few of these products.

And I sure do like the packaging! like that logo, which appears like black wings, as well as the wings look like crows (Maleficent has a thing for corvids), which likewise type the shape of the letter “M.”

It’s on the primary pieces — the quad, lip products, the cheek/face powder as well as the polishes.

Embrace your inner poor gal!

I mean, it’s a bummer that MAC didn’t opt for totally new colors for the release — it seems like a missed chance — however that said, I truly do like lots of of these products as well as have for years.

On the bright side, there are a number of beautiful, beneficial pieces in this introduce that a person might quickly wear every day.

First, the products that are new as well as aren’t re-promotes, like true Love’s Kiss Lipstick ($17.50), which has MAC’s Amplified formula.

Intensely red as well as bright true Love’s Kiss Lipstick looks a bit like MAC Dubonnet, only brighter, as well as as I mentioned, it lasts a great long while. exceptionally smooth as well as intensely pigmented, I believe it’s a lovely traditional red.

Eye shadow X 4 in Maleficent shades clockwise from the yellow pan: Goldmine, Ground Brown, Carbon as well as Concrete ($44)
Eye shadow X 4 in Maleficent packaging.
Beauty Powder in natural ($30)
Beauty Powder in natural packaging
Sculpting Powder in Sculpt ($23)
Sculpting Powder in Sculpt packaging
Pro Longwear Lipglass in Anthurium ($22)
Anthurium packaging
Amplified Lipstick in true likes Kiss ($17.50)
Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Kiss Me quick ($21.50)
Penultimate Eye liner in Rapidblack ($21.50) as well as Eye brows in Fling ($17.50)
36 Lash, $17.50
Prep + Prime Highlighter in bright forecast ($25)
Eyeshadow swatches from the left: Goldmine, Ground Brown, Concrete as well as Carbon
From the left: pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Kiss Me quick Amplified Lipstick in true Love’s Kiss as well as pro Longwear Lipglass in Anthurium
From the left: shaping Powder in Sculpt, appeal Powder in natural as well as Prep + Prime Highlighter in bright Forecast
And while true Love’s Kiss quickly holds its own by itself, it rises to even higher power with Anthurium pro Longwear Lipglass ($22) on top.

The two go together like red lips as well as carnal thoughts.

Anthurium feels quite sticky, however it’s likewise long-lasting, smooth as well as doesn’t budge when it’s on.

And then there’s the appeal Powder in natural ($30), one more one of the totally new pieces in the launch. A soft peachy pink with a barely-there sheen, it subtly shows the light.

At first, I was terrified it would go chalky on me (I’m an NC42), however it doesn’t, which was a great surprise.

Easy to blend, it likewise looks natural on the skin. I utilize it to add a subtle highlight to my upper cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, along my brow bones as well as my cupid’s bow, as well as I believe it complements the shaping Powder in Sculpt from the collection ($23 — one of the repromotes), which I believe of as a overall goof-proof contouring shade.

Sculpt blends so quickly that it makes carving out serious cheeks as well as daily contouring similarly easy.

Wearing bright forecast as well as appeal Powder in natural in the center of my forehead as well as in my under-eye area
You can likewise wear it layered on top of bright forecast Prep + Prime Highlighter ($25, as well as yup, one more re-promote, however it’s a excellent one!). In these pics, I’m using that combo between my brows as well as in the center of my forehead for a spotlight effect.

Uninvited, the neutral nude nail Lacquer, is the last of the new pieces in the launch. I haven’t tried it on yet, however my very first impression? Eh, it appears like a relatively common nude beige. A bit uninspiring.

As for the quad…

While the Eyeshadow X 4 quad in Maleficent ($44) may be comprised of re-promoted colors, it does highlight some seriously standout products from the long-term line.

Three of them are blockbuster biggest hits — matte black Carbon (fab for lining eyes as well as smokey looks), great satin brown Concrete (I wear this in my brows) as well as shimmery gold Goldmine. The fourth shade, Ground Brown, was a discontinued matte dark brown from the long-term line.

Ground brown deserved resurrection right here since it blends as well as buffs out beautifully, as well as it’s neither as well red nor orange.

Give it a try in the crease one of these days in a look with brown smokey eyes! Seriously, though, I might quickly reach for this quad nearly every single day as well as utilize at least one of the colors, however then, I’m type of a ho for neutrals, LOL!

I believe you may have to like neutrals to truly be into this quad…

Wearing Maleficent Eyehsadow X 4, Penultimate liner in fast Black, 36 Lash
As for the 36 Lash false lashes in the release, they’re a long-time fave of mine, however I really haven’t used them in a while. using them for these pics this week reminded me exactly how much I like them.

Because they have longer lashes at the outer corners, you get this lovely winged-out look. They look hella long as well as heavy however feel surprisingly light as well as comfortable. Plus, they’re simple to apply (Note to self: I requirement to provide this poor kid the Unsung Heroes treatment).

Yes, a lot of of the pieces in Maleficent are re-promotes and, yes, you’ll be paying a bit a lot more for the restricted edition packaging, however lots of of these pieces are STILL worth your time, particularly if you don’t have a few of them as well as like strong neutrals as well as a strong contour.

The entire MAC Maleficent collection includes…

Amplified Lipstick true Love’s Kiss, a clean bright red ($17.50)

Pro Longwear Lipglass in Anthurium, a clean bright red ($22)

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Kiss Me Quick, a yellowish red ($21.50)

Eye shadow X 4 in Maleficent, which includes Ground brown (a matte filthy deep brown), Concrete (a satin taupe brown), Carbon (an intense matte black) as well as Goldmine (a frosty gold)

Penultimate Eye liner in Rapidblack, a true black ($21.50)

Eye brows in Fling, a light taupe ash blonde ($17.50)

Sculpting Power in Sculpt, a soft taupe matte ($23)

Beauty Powder in Natural, a soft peachy pink ($ 30)

밝은 예측에서 Prep + Prime 형광펜, 중간 톤 복숭아 산호 ($ 25)

유니지 칠지의 네일 래커, 미성년 진주를 가진 중립 누드 ($ 17.50)

불타는 장미, 진정한 빨간색 ($ 17.50)의 손톱 옻칠

Naeturnelle의 Nail Lacquer, Black-as-night Black ($ 17.50)

36 래쉬 ($ 17.50)

30 래쉬 ($ 17.50)


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