MAC Bronzer Collection Swatches on NC42 Skin!

Bronzed and beautiful ?
Things that say, “Summer has officially arrived…”

The sun setting at 9 p.m.

Barbecuing on a random Wednesday night just because you can

Challenging someone to a sword fight with a pool noodle

Sweating buckets each time you walk from any air conditioning building to your car

The MAC summer makeup collection (of course!)

This summer’s MAC Bronzer face and Body collection is all about bronzed shades for tanned skin, but there’s also a twist… It includes a plethora of shades developed for warm *and* cool skin tones.


Hot and cool

Sure, MAC stocked it with the kind of warm sunny coral, gold, bronze and peach tones you might expect from a MAC summer launch, but this year’s collection also sports some unexpected cooler-toned shades of taupe, pink and pale lavender in the Foiled shadows (apply with a wet brush for a slick, foiled finish) and the Strobe face Glazes (*very cool* gel-like highlighters you can wear over foundation or bare skin).

Love the limited edition packaging!
MAC Bronzer Foiled Shadows, $26 each
Silky, satiny bronzers

As for the bronzing powders in the Bronzer collection — be careful! — the velvety Radiant Matte Bronzing Powders will shock your fingertip if you swatch them (ME: “Why is this powder SO SOFT?!”), and there are absolutely no orange undertones in sight.

Totally Taupe, the darker of the two options, is brown with yellow undertones, and Beige-ing charm is a light yellowish brown (I’m an NC42, and I could probably wear it as a face powder).


고양이 & 메이크업 스웨트 셔츠 ??

$ 42.

지금 쇼핑하십시오

Technically, they’re matte with a small sheen, which keeps them from looking too flat on your face.

143SES medium face Face brush ($38.50), Strobe face Glaze ($28 each), Prep+Prime Fix+ in Bronzelite ($30) Strobe Body lotion ($35)
Radiant Matte Bronzing Powder, $32
A refreshing take on highlights

If you’re completely over the trend of shimmery, frosty highlighters that are visible from space, then the dewy, shiny Strobe face Glazes might be worth checking out. They’re dewy and shiny but not blindingly glossy. There’s just a little something-something there… I think it’s very cool.

They feel slightly sticky, like a common face gloss, but don’t worry — your high pony won’t stick to your cheekbones once you pat and blend them in because they aren’t thick. On minimal makeup days, I’ll do a swipe of Bronzejour on my lids with waterproof mascara (waterproof is a must, because whatever the Glazes touch will break down and smudge eventually) and use Let’s Make Waves as an upper cheekbone highlighter.

Like many face glosses, face Glaze isn’t built for longevity, so expect it to relocation a bit when it’s on your skin, and anticipate having to touch up every four hours or so.

MAC Bronzer Lipsticks, $20 each
Lipglass, $18.50 each


Foiled Shadows
Face Glazes
Radiant Matte Bronzing Powders, $32 each
Strobe Body lotion in Bronzelite
If you’re interest is piqued, these bronzed beauties are available now at MAC counters and online.


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